Happy Labor Day

Happy labor day design, vector illustration eps 10.

Happy . Thank you  for helping make the economy go ’round. History –

Hump Day Inspiration


Before you speak, think…

Small Business Tip Tuesday – Business Advocacy

smbiztipadvocacy – Be an advocate for your business, not just a sales person.

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Monday Motivation


Where there is a will, there is a way. ‪#‎MondayMotivation

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Keep Moving Forward – TBT

movingforwardtbtIt’s difficult to move forward when you are looking backward – Anonymous

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Hump Day Motivation

keepcalmwedWhat words of advice to you look for to get through the week?

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Small Biz Tip Tuesday – Blog Post Ideas & PR

prGreat article on . Not so sure I agree with option #3. Thoughts?  

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