Motivational Monday

#MotivationalMonday “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
– Albert Einstein

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Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideasIn web design, content is king and relevant link building is critical. A blog is a great way to solve both issues. Here is how it is done. Step 1 – write great content. Step 2 – post it so various social media sites.

Is it time to fix your website?

website maintenanceIf you had a magic wand that could fix anything, what would it be? It can be anything. Be creative, genuine, and specific, but does not have to be realistic. ‪#‎WebsiteDesign‬.

Merry Christmas from Bob The Website Builder

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Labor Day

Happy labor day design, vector illustration eps 10.

Happy . Thank you  for helping make the economy go ’round. History –

Hump Day Inspiration



Small Business Tip Tuesday – Business Advocacy


Monday Motivation



Keep Moving Forward – TBT


Hump Day Motivation


Small Biz Tip Tuesday – Blog Post Ideas & PR

prGreat article on . Not so sure I agree with option #3. Thoughts?  

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Monday Inspiration – Let’s Do This!

BALANCESTYLE#‎Bookkeepers‬ do it without losing their ‪#‎balance‬, but ‪#‎WebDesigners‬ do it with ‪#‎style‬. ‪#‎ModayInspiration‬ ‪#‎TCB

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Friday Funny from Yesteryear

abeHere is your  from yesteryear: If historical events had FB statuses –

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Throwback Thursday Humorous Small Business Marketing Tip

TBTHere is your #smallbusiness #tbt #marketingtip with a splash of humor:

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Web Design Tip Tuesday

webdesigntipFor OnPageSEO, don’t forget keywords, imagetags, metatags, and backlinks.  

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Friday Funny


Core Website Pages – About Us

about usI’ve heard of all the core pages a website needs the “About” page is the most important yet difficult to put together. I am curious to know what you’ve done to make it stand out?

Friday Funny


Time Wasters

Time WastersWhat eats into your time availability to get things done?

Dealing With Negativity

serenityHow do you deal with negativity on the internet?How do you deal with negativity on the internet?

Web Design Trends 2015 – Responsive Web Design is Key

Web Design Trends 2015 - RWDCurious to know what you think of this “responsive web design” stuff. Please weigh in.

Trust, respect, & understanding in business

Trust, respect, & understanding in businessThe golden rule states “treat others how you wish to be treated”. Do you agree? Please weigh in.

Freedom of Speech – Respectfully

Freedom of Speech - Respectfully“It’s not just what you say it’s how you say it” – Agree or disagree?

Small Business Website Design Trends for 2014

Web design trends 2014Are you one to always follow the trends? In web design, some are more important than others. You don’t always have to be a lemming, but sometimes you should. Thoughts on trends for 2014?

Reputation Management

Reputation ManagementWhat tools do you use in your reputation management? Please weigh in.

New Website? Now What?

Website marketingVery simply, where do you market your website? Please weigh in?

Plagiarism, Copyright, & Fair-Use

Plagiarism, Copyright, & Fair-UseCurious to know where your website content comes from? Please weigh in.

What To Look For In A Website Designer

What To Look For In A Website DesignerWhat types of things do you look for in a website designer? Please weigh in.

What’s In A Name?

What's In A Name?Simple question – what was the inspiration for your companies name? Please weigh in.

Best Times to Post to Social Media

Best Times to Post to Social MediaDo you use a social media dashboard like HootSuite or do you prefer to manage each of your profiles individually?

An Online Presence – More Than Just A Website

Online PresenceHow many small business owners here have a website and how many rely solely on social media or local profiles? Please weigh in.

Website Content – Too Much v Not Enough

Website ContentAs a website surfer, do you prefer sites with not enough text or too much text? Please weigh in.

“No” v “Yes-And”

"No" v "Yes-And"Does “great customer service” include giving a client what they deserve or limiting it to what they want? Weigh in.

Which Website Builder is Best?

Website BuilderCurious to know what your favorite tool is to build a website and why? Please weigh in.

Catching More Bees With Honey Than Vinegar

As a business owner, how you conduct yourself personally reflects who you are professionally, and vice versa, especially in terms of feedback. Communication should be honest, yet tactful. Feedback should be constructive, not destructive lest it cost more than it is worth.

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