If you see a problem, you are free to provide a solution

Free to provide a solution

Remember the reason for the season – freedom. If you wish you to be you, I also get to be me without guilt or fear of reprisal. Stay tuned for continued blog posts about small business web design etc. And back to our regularly schedule programming…

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Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideasIn web design, content is king and relevant link building is critical. A blog is a great way to solve both issues. Here is how it is done. Step 1 – write great content. Step 2 – post it so various social media sites.


Is it time to fix your website?

website maintenanceIf you had a magic wand that could fix anything, what would it be? It can be anything. Be creative, genuine, and specific, but does not have to be realistic. ‪#‎WebsiteDesign‬. www.BTWSB.net

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